Morgan Advanced Materials Awarded Distributor of the Year 2017 for Aegis® Rings

Posted: 11/06/2018

Every year Electro Static Technology recognises its top distributors of AEGIS® Rings. In the International market, the electrical division of Morgan Advanced Materials, has been awarded International Distributor of the Year for the fourth time in

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If a Motor is Worth Repairing, It's Worth Protecting with an AEGIS® Ring

Posted: 19/02/2018

If you decide that a motor is worth repairing, protecting it from electrical bearing damage makes good sense. From both an operational and financial standpoint. To find out more please click the link

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Morgan MSPro14 Surface Profiler for Commutators and Slip Rings

Posted: 28/11/2017

Morgan  MSPro14 Surface Profiler for Commutators and Slip Rings Morgan Advanced Materials surface profiler offering a unique range of features and benefits. MSPro14 Surface Profiler which seamlessly integrates a range of cutting edge

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Protect your traction motor from bearing failure

Posted: 28/04/2017

The damage caused by variable frequency drive (VFD) induced voltages, which, once they exceed the resistance of the bearing lubricant, tend to discharge to the motor housing. This causes fusion craters in the bearings, which gradually increase in size

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Morgan at Railtex Stand C41

Posted: 10/04/2017

Morgan Advanced Materials will be show casing several new material technologies in Railtex, from arc protection current collectors through to a new lighter metallised carbon strip with increased width resulting in increased life of 40% on certain

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