Advanced thinking in carbon materials, linear & high temperature applications

Morgan offers a large range of components for wind turbine applications. These include carbon brushes, brush holders, earthing and lightening protection. Together with power sliprings, hub control units and AEGIS® shaft grounding rings.

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Morgan supply carbon brushes, brush holders, slip rings, AEGIS® Bearing Protection - for repair of motors and generators using Morgan high performance materials such as National 634 to lower maintenance costs

Motors and Generators

Morgan supply the railway market with pantograph current collector strips, third rail shoes, traction carbon brushes and holders, wheel flange lubricators, axle end earthing units and coupler contacts

Railway Market

Morgan Advanced Materials’ Electrical Carbon business specialises in designing and manufacturing high performance carbon products and systems for electrical and specialty graphite applications.

We service the industrial, power generation, rail and wind turbine markets with carbon brushes, brush holders, slip rings, terminal blocks, diagnostic and motor maintenance equipment as well as AEGIS® SGR bearing protection for motors and generators. 

Morgan produces traction current collectors for rail pantographs, providing collector carbon strips and self-supporting current collectors for overhead line applications as well as third rail shoes and trolley bus inserts. Signal relay contacts, coupler contacts, wheel flange lubricators and earthing brush units complete the range.

Our specialty graphite products include casting dies, high temperature cloth and felt, billet sleeves and rod dies, degassing units and furnace accessories.

Morgan Advanced Materials serves its customers through local sales engineering support, design and development testing and analysis.

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