Electrical Carbon Products and Markets

Core markets: industry, energy and transport.

Our Electrical Carbon business produces carbon-based products and systems designed to deliver customer value through high performance in challenging operating environments.

The product portfolio includes carbon brushes, brush holders, slip rings, current collectors for pantographs, third rail shoes, trolley bus inserts, contacts and coupler contacts, shaft earthing protection and specialty graphite products.

We specialise in technologies for wind generation, power stations, rail traction and mass transit, steel, aluminium processing, casting, aerospace, marine and general industry.
Morgan Advanced Materials' products add value by providing long and predictable service in exceptionally difficult technical working conditions:
  • Variable loads on motors and generators from no load to very high current
  • High temperatures and impure environments 
  • Low humidity or arid conditions such as those on wind turbines and aerospace applications
  • High speeds and high friction

Around the world, electric motors, generators, current collection, signal relays, shaft earthing, and high temperature material processing run reliably with Morgan Advanced Materials’ Electrical Carbon products.

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