AEGIS® PRO Series for Power Generators, for Maximum Bearing Protection

The AEGIS® PRO bearing protection ring is designed for high current bearing protection for large motor and generator applications and in particular, power generators over 750kW.

Power generators often have much higher induced shaft voltages and bearing currents which require a high current capable bearing.

The AEGIS® PRO Series design provides reliable shaft grounding for medium voltage applications, generators and turbines to divert harmful shaft voltages to ground and extend bearing life.

Install the AEGIS® PRO on the DE and insulate the bearing on the opposite end (NDE) for best results. Large motors and generators often have much higher induced shaft voltages and bearing currents. The six circumferential rows of conductive microfiber provide the extra protection for these high current applications.

Generators may experience current surges which can cause electrical arcing in their bearings and equipment. The AEGIS® PRO rings have a high current capable design and can discharge these currents.


The AEGIS® PROMAX Shaft Grounding Ring is designed for installation on the most critical and largest motors, generators and turbines. Scalable to any shaft diameter over 15.75” [400mm], this high current capable Shaft Grounding Ring is custom engineered for each application to ensure the best bearing protection possible.


The AEGIS® PROSL is a high current capable AEGIS® PRO Series Bearing Protection Ring for large motors, generators and turbines operated by VFDs. The slim design and flexible installation options allow for adaptation to virtually all large motors.

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