Electrical Carbon for the Steel Industry

Morgan Advanced Materials supplies carbon brushes, brush holders, AEGIS® bearing protection, contacts, diagnostics and terminal blocks for all sectors of the steel industry.

Rolling Mills:
  • Morgan electrographite brushes in grades EG251 and SA45 are specifically designed to handle the load cycling of rolling mill motors
  • Harsh environmental applications such as the hot mill drives and temper mill generators require high performance materials and our team can assist in selecting the best for your applications
Tinning Lines:
  • Tinning lines require a matched and compatible brush and holder solution to cope with high currents and harsh environments. 
  • Application-specific materials are copper graphites such as CM5H, CM3H or CM1S, depending on the load and speed characteristics
  • Morgan engineers can assist in technical equipment upgrades, advising on the correct materials and assemblies
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