Power Generation Brush Holders

Morgan Advanced Materials manufactures a wide range of high quality brush holders designed for use with our carbon brushes to achieve improved generator reliability.

Our highly experienced local technical support network works closely with customers to select and align brushes and holders for optimum performance and minimal maintenance requirements.

We have an extensive product portfolio to support your current and future generator requirements including traditional and plug-in holders, upgrade packages and generator shaft grounding. We also offer a holder refurbishment service.

Our products and services include:
  • Plug-in holders to allow on-load carbon brush changes while meeting the most stringent health and safety requirements. These holders are particularly useful in turbo-alternator and hydro power applications. They minimise brush change out time and have the added benefit of no machine downtime
  • Bespoke solutions for generator shaft grounding. Our solutions are often mounted where normal access is difficult or impossible with traditional designs
  • A cost effective refurbishment service for brush holders. This is increasingly important where designs are no longer available or subject to extremely long lead times
  • Whatever your requirements we will work closely with you to offer an engineered solution.

For further information on our extensive range of carbon brush holders please contact us today on  +44(0)1792 763000.

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