Carbon Current Collector Pantograph Strips

Morgan Advanced Materials offers a variety of carbon and metalised carbon collector strips for overhead pantograph applications. 

We are an approved supplier to many national rail systems and OEMs.

Please contact us for a complete third party reference list

Our extensive material grade selection and carbon and metal carrier designs include:

  • Full length metalised carbon strips
  • Fitted and integral end horns
  • Kasperowski high current
  • Lightweight aluminium-bonded designs
  • Auto drop collectors strips
  • Arc protected collectors
  • Heated collectors
  • Ice-breaker collectors
  • High current bonded collectors


Self Supporting Pantograph Carbon Strips

Morgan Advanced Materials supplies mainline railway systems with self-supporting carbon collector strips including epoxy bonding of carbon to aluminium providing

  • Reduction in pan head mass
  • Improved dynamic response
  • Reduction in service and maintenance costs

Auto Drop

Many high speed systems incorporate an impact detection system within the collector strip. This device enables the pantograph to be lowered immediately if an impact occurs severe enough to damage the pantograph head.

The sensitivity of these systems varies according to the design.

Morgan designs and manufactures auto-drop systems to suit your application.  Please click the auto-drop link to find out more.

Alternatively for information including how to order, please contact us on  +44(0)1792 763000

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